Thursday, March 2, 2017

#CapsuleWardrobe: Browns and Black

Hi everyone!

I'm trying out a capsule wardrobe for the next two weeks. 

I'm trying to force myself to wear some neglected pieces from my wardrobe. I'm also on the fence regarding whether to keep some of these pieces, so I think this will help.

I'm considering getting rid of this sweater. It's nice and warm, but it doesn't really go well with a lot of my clothes. I think neutral colored sweaters are best for coordinating with my wardrobe.

I purchased the flannel shirt in the Fall and never found a time to wear it. How crazy is that?! Just more proof that I gravitate to all the same pieces despite constantly shopping for more.

The blazer and turtleneck are H&M pieces that I like. No tough decisions here, just added them to round out the wardrobe.

 I threw in this jumpsuit as a wildcard. Great for grabbing drinks with friends, but I want to challenge myself to find work appropriate ways to wear this jumpsuit. At the top is a black pencil skirt while the bottom are grey work slacks. They fit pretty well.

The blush slacks are pretty comfortable, but I don't wear them often. Perfect reason to include it in the capsule. The black pants are jeggings from Uniqlo. They fit great, with a perfect amount of stretch. And the jeans are from H&M.

My goal is to get 14 days of wear out of 14 pieces. You may notice I'm missing 4. I left some room to fill out the gaps later on. I think this will be a more organic way to build the wardrobe.

Have you tried a capsule wardrobe? Share your experience in the comments!

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