Monday, April 3, 2017

#WeeklyInspiration: Putting Yourself First

Hey all!

I mentioned in my last post that I needed a break from the internet. Well, I kinda needed a break from everything. About three weeks ago, I was sick and took a few days off from work. This threw off my entire to do list, and even though I was sick, I felt GUILTY! 


Because I took a few sick days! Isn't that crazy? But I've grown so accustomed to not taking care of myself in pursuit of getting the work done that I just didn't know what to do with myself.

Once I got a bit better, I felt I had to catch up. I went in the following Saturday, spent long hours at work the following week, and worked from home to try to catch up. It all came to a head two weekends after being sick. I literally had to talk myself out of going to work on a Sunday! I really didn't want to go, despite the nagging guilt that was eating me alive.

I should point out that I make my own schedule. So I can go in whenever I want. And although alot of people would see that as a plus, I find it to be very stressful. Because in my mind, if the work doesn't get done, then it looks like you must be slacking off. I feel an increased pressure to be productive so it looks like you are responsible with your flexible schedule.

Anyway, I managed to talk myself out of going into work that Sunday ( I worked the day before though 😒). I cleaned my apartment, cooked dinner, did my dishes, and enjoyed my free time. Can you believe that I had to convince myself to do that?

In the end, the work I wanted to do on Sunday was done on Monday without any issue. I changed my work pattern to get in early so I could catch up on work AND leave on time. And I am feeling much less burned out now that I have prioritized sticking to a set work schedule and making a reasonable amount of time for myself.

Now you share: Do you ever feel guilty about spending time on yourself? What things keep you away from taking care of yourself? Have you found ways to balance your life? Share in the comments!

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