Tuesday, March 14, 2017

#OutfitInspo: French Wardrobe Challenge

Hi everyone!

Earlier this week, I spent some time reviewing my bank accounts and bills. I'm not the best with my finances - which is a post for another day 😅 - but I try to check on things once a month. 

Any-who, while going through my bills, I decided that I need to take a shopping break. But what's a girl to do when all of the stores have new Spring collections out? Well I decided that I just need to work with what I have!

As you have already seen, I'm in the midst of a mini capsule wardrobe challenge. While google-ing capsule wardrobes for more inspiration, guess what I came across?

The French Wardrobe Challenge!

Apparently this was a pretty popular challenge a few years ago, but has seen an increase in popularity recently. I think we all know the stereotype of the chic French woman with a closet of beautiful, high-quality items. The challenge is to have certain key pieces in your wardrobe, and you may supplement these pieces with 5 nonessential purchases each season. By limiting your purchases to only five pieces per seasons, there is an implied emphasis on quality over quantity.  

 Source: CocoandVera

The base pieces of the French capsule wardrobe vary based on your lifestyle and what you deem essential for everyday living. But some pieces that I have seen in multiple lists are:

3 Tees (black, white, gray)
3 Tanks (black, white, gray)
White button down shirt
Silk blouse
Cashmere sweater
Boyfriend blazer
Black dress
Black suit

Black pants
Black skirt
Black shorts
Leather pants
Skinny jeans
Boyfriend jeans
Straight leg jeans

Seasonal coat
Trench coat
Leather jacket

Black pumps
Ankle boots

Leather bag
Clutch purse
Gold watch 

Source: Pinterest

As mentioned before, you can customize this to fit your life. You may never need a leather jacket or pants, or you may prefer less black in your wardrobe (just remember neutrals are easier to incorporate into a capsule, a lesson I learned the hard way 😩).

Your purchases can occur in the Spring/summer season, or the Fall/Winter season. Oh, and purchasing new basics does NOT count; these 5 purchases are unique extras that add personality to your wardrobe.

So what do you think? Do you have experience with the capsule wardrobe? Leave a comment below!

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