Friday, March 10, 2017

#CapsuleWardrobe: Wardrobe Update

Hi everyone,

Here are my first 7 outfits from my wardrobe challenge:

Outfit #1: I purchased this flannel shirt with a plan of dressing it up for work, This was my first time wearing it since I bought it and I'm happy with this piece. Threw on the blue necklace for a pop of color.

Outfit #2: Sweater and skirt with boots, pretty straightforward.  The sweater is super warm, but I don't really love it. Jury is still out on whether I should give it away.

Outfit #3: I had some space in the capsule, so I added in this neutral black top.

Outfit #4: Same thing goes with this sweater. Needed another neutral top to get me through the week.

Outfit #5: I worked from home that Friday, so outfit #5 fell on Saturday. I placed a sleeveless turtleneck underneath the flannel shirt, along with my black jeggings and Nine West boots.

I was in need of a deep condition, so I covered my hair in VO5, put a shower cap over it, then wrapped it all in my black and white scarf 😁.

Outfit #6: Sunday found me in that black shirt again, along with my skinny jeans, boots, and Madewell necklace. 

Outfit #7: Brought out the brown sweater and blush Uniqlo pants. The boyfriend blazer pulled it all together. Ballet flats added to the feminine feel.

Lessons Learned:

1. Unique patterns, prints and colors need to stay at a minimum in a capsule. 

I love bold patterns, jewel tones, and unique prints, but I'm learning through these mini capsule wardrobe challenges that they are difficult to incorporate. 


Since these pieces stand out, people are likely to remember them. Which means you can only wear them once a week. More than that and it becomes obvious that you are reusing the same pieces quite frequently. There's nothing wrong with a wardrobe repeat. But if it's too frequent, then instead of looking like a chic professional, you end up looking like you can't be bothered to build a work wardrobe.

2. Layering really helps to add variety to your capsule.

Adding a button-down under a sweater or over a sleeveless top takes three items and gives you multiple outfit options. 

This trick allows you to stretch out the finite options in your capsule wardrobe. The more creative you are with this, the more options you will find you have.

3. Leaving some room in your capsule allows you to build it at your own pace and in a more organic way.

By leaving four open spots in my capsule, I was able to pick two pairs of shoes that best fit the included outfits, as well as two extra tops that had more longevity than the printed tops.

Any additional lessons learned in your capsules? Share in the comments!

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