Tuesday, February 14, 2017

#transformationtuesday: H20 is all I need!

That is a direct quote from the bf, who likes to remind me of how much he loves water and how great it is to drink. Why does he do this, you ask? Because I hate water!!! And he is only trying to help convince me that its not so bad.

I am definitely not one of these people that goes through three Nalgene bottles worth of water a day. Quite the opposite: all of my water comes from coffee, which means I am pretty dehydrated all the time.

Dehydrated...and jittery...and unable to sleep...check out this Prevention article to learn more about the effects of too much coffee.

Well not anymore! I am trying to increase my water intake. Of course, since I hate water, this requires some flavoring. I squeeze lemons in my water; without that kick it would be unbearable:

                       I may have squeezed too much lemon in there, hence the cloudiness of the water.

I am trying to get through one pitcher a day, which is a huge change for me. Wish me luck!

And if you would like to read more about the health benefits of water, then check out this article from Harvard Health Blog.

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