Friday, February 10, 2017

What is a Grown Woman Glow-Up?

Hi everyone, and welcome!

What is a grown woman glow-up, you ask? Well, I'm sure you've noticed these posts on social media of young women and men who have transformed from teen-aged awkwardness to knockouts, of course with the help of hair/make-up/wardrobe make-overs: 


                                   (source: lipstick alley)

I stuck to celebrity pics, but search #gloupchallenge and you can find plenty of real world examples! (source: bossip)

These girls and boys look wonderful!...BUT, their extreme make-overs are not really realistic or appropriate for someone like me: a 30-something lady in a conservative field and with a hectic schedule that leaves little room for hair/make-up/wardrobe in the morning. More than 30 minutes for all three in the morning means I will be late. 

So I need a grown woman glow-up: a new attention to detail for my hair, make-up and wardrobe that will allow me to look polished for my conservative work place while also allowing me to get to work on time. 

                                   See, she looks ready for work. (source: huffington post)

And of course, hair, make-up and clothes are just a start. What grown woman glow-up would be complete without improving my health, focusing on fitness and nutrition, fixing my finances, and overall improving all aspects of life, not just the superficial.   

    I bet she has a balanced life...even if she doesn't, at least she's at the beach :) (source:

Because let's face it, what good is a face full of make-up and new clothes if the rest of your life is a wreck?

So welcome, and I hope you enjoy the chronicles of my grown woman glow-up!

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